One Day Stand


One Day Stand as an object affirms the human nature which brings laziness in front of the order or aesthetic. Clothes we have worn once is left abandoned at the path between the wardrobe and laundry machine. It isn’t clean enough to find its place in the wardrobe nor dirty enough to stand in the queue for washing. So the clothes start to gather like the parasites in the symbiotic relationships with the chairs, sofas or ironing boards, until they are destroyed by our cathartic decision to bring the order into our living space. This utilitarian sculpture is the homage to all the chairs which have gone under the abandoned clothes. The product is hand crafted by the local artisan and made of natural materials-metal and wood.

Design: Željka Zrnić / Mobiliar

Photography: Marija Gašparović

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Light Ivory, Black, Pastel Green

H 102 cm, W 60 cm, D 57 cm

powder coated metal, oak wood endings

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